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Should I bring my board or is it easy to find them there?

    It is not difficult to find surf boards in Costa Rica. You can buy new or used boards at some beaches. There are surf shops where you can buy or rent boards at Tamarindo, Jaco and Dominical beaches, as well as in San Jose.

Do I need a wet suit?

    No you donít, just a lycra shirt and lots of sun block.

What stuff, if any, should I bring to barter with locals?


Any tips for a cool place to stay in San Jose when I first get in?

I am going to Costa Rica in two weeks to surf. I arrive late at night and was wondering where I should stay in San Jose.

Is hitchiking safe for two girls?

    It is not recommended

I am just looking for some mellow beach breaks and no killer tubes. Where can I go?

    Playa Jaco and Dominical are mellow beach breaks when the swell is small. Playa Tamarindo is perfect for learning and enjoying the waves without stress.

What kind of boards and stuff should I bring?

    A 6.6 to 7.0 or a longboard

Where the is the most economic place a student should live?

    At the beach.

Any ideas on how to make some living money while I'm there?

    It is difficult for foreigners to find work, due to legal restrictions. You may be able to offer private English classes to Costa Ricans.

I was also wondering if I can use public transportation to get to the surf ?

    Yes. Especially to Tamarindo, Jaco, Dominical, Limon and Puerto Viejo.

What beach should I check out first since I am surfing alone?

    Jaco or Dominical

How crowded is it in CR.?

    Many beaches are crowded, especially on the weekend, although you can still catch the waves.

Where should I go in case of a surfing accident?

    To the local public hospital or clinic, or a private medical practice. In general, private practices are closed over the weekend.

What is an appropriate budget per day?

    Minimum $30.00/day (including room & 3 meals)

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